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Do you have some down and dirty work that needs a professional’s touch to get done? If so, call CEM-J Enterprises LLC, your best-rated local demolition, dirt contracting, and dump truck services provider today! Our team has an extensive history of working in the Tyler, TX area, and we are passionate about doing the best job we can for our community. Good work means clearing an area to look clean, professional, and ready to build upon, and we guarantee your lot will be the talk of the block.

With our dirt contracting services, we provide everything from excavation, to moving, to earth filling services. Whether you are looking to clear or fill a lot, we have your back. Our team loves getting down and dirty during our jobs, and we enjoy the hard work that it requires.

Our demolition team takes extreme pleasure in all structural deconstruction jobs, and we approach each new contract with a different approach. With our services, you are guaranteed a safe and efficient approach to your demolition needs.

Moving unwanted waste or product off a property can be both stressful and costly. That is why we at CEM-J Enterprises LLC do our best to keep our prices competitive for your benefit. We guarantee that we provide better quality than our competitors do, and for a fairer price.

Despite what concerns you may have, we can help to walk you through your options. We treat patrons with the utmost respect and patience during these stressful situations, which is why we come so highly recommended. Call us today, and we can start on our journey toward your complete customer satisfaction!